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Oldtimer Warsaw Show
13-14 May 2017 Ptak Warsaw Expo

Classically beautiful oldtimers and youngtimers at the 4th Trade Shows and the Oldtimer Warsaw Show Auction.

The automotive classics exhibition: showing from pre-war cars to youngtimers, an exclusive auction, a very popular big classic cars trade show, tinplating shows, as well as a rally of old cars from across Europe – these and many other attractions awaited the visitors of the 4th Oldtimer Warsaw Show in Ptak Warsaw Expo on 13-14 May 2017. And they gathered in thousands – the exhibition was seen by as many as 31 126 visitors.

It was the biggest event for oldtimer lovers in Poland. The exhibition, which took up the space of more than 40,000 m2, showcased classic vehicles from 1920s and 1930s, wartime cars, as well as post-war “kings of the roads” both from the west and from behind the Iron Curtain. There were even historic motorcycles.

Warsaw Oldtimer Show is a place where classic vehicles are sold. The car sale was conducted, among others, during the exclusive Oldtimer Auction, covering the best and most valuable vehicles. All cars included in the auction were previously checked by professional appraisers. The second occasion for purchasing an old timer was a car market, which was particularly popular this year – as many as 70% of the offered vehicles were sold.

The most valuable exhibits presented during the trade show were: Mercedes 170 S Cabrio A (year 1950), Mercedes 220 Cabrio A (year 1953), Mercedes 220 SE Cabrio (year 1960), Mercedes Benz 320 Cabrio A (year 1939), Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman (year 1969), Renault R4 850cc (year 1978), Puma GTE 1600 (year 1970), Chevrolet Impala (year 1967) and Datsun 260Z (year 1977). More than 150 exhibitors in total presented their vehicles, including: Hillford Classic Cars, Giełda Klasyków, Infinitum Classic Cars, Porsche Centrum Warszawa, SwissVax, Stradale Classics, Joachim Bertsch Fine Classic Cars. The companies presented in the renovation zone were: Nostalgia Classic Cars Restoration, Autoand Andrzej Pleskot, AngloCars Retroline Novol, MBL Classic and 4 kółka z pasją. The visitors could not only admire real gems, maintained in an excellent condition, but also talk to their exhibitors. The event was made even more attractive by presentation of tinplating techniques, that is classic car body restoration shows. Part of the event was also a rally of classic cars from across Europe. Vehicles lovers from Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary arrived in Warsaw.

During the exhibition evening, the Organizers Awards and the Audience Awards were presented.

The company which received the award for the most beautiful exhibition cars was Almar, while the best stand arrangement awards went to Duda Cars and Swissvax Polska. The award winners in the “Most interesting form of promotion” category were: Porsche Centrum Warszawa and Retroline Anglocars . The award for the most professional car restoration went to Hillford Classic Cars company, while the award for comprehensive classic cars restoration was presented to Auto and Andrzej Pleskot as well as MBL Classic Cars. The Audience Awards went to Walter Motors, Infinitum Classic Cars and Classic Parts.